Happy Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day to my Dad X


Happy Birthday Dad

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Yes, someone I know and love just got a year older today.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Your boy, Harris X


Rainy Afternoons

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You know those days when you’re lying in bed, resting your paws, a bit bored because it’s raining outside and you don’t do rain… and then someone arrives unexpectedly and your day improves by about 150%.

Well, that was my afternoon yesterday when Grannie turned up to say hello. Oddly, whenever we visit my Uncle Bracken and Grannie, I avoid snuggling. Grannie has to chase me if she wants a cuddle. Mum has a theory about this. A few years ago, when I was a very young dude, the Parents left me with Grannie while they travelled up north and down south (I didn’t realise it at the time but they were thinking of relocating and going to live somewhere new), and since then I’ve always been wary when we go to Grannie’s in case they have any such plans again. So whenever Grannie tries to come near me, I make my escape!

When she visits us, however, I have no such worries. Bring on the cuddles, I say. And I wouldn’t say not to some of that Marks & Spencer chicken breast you have in your shopping bag. Yes, Grannie visits come with tasty perks.

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My April

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I definitely need a new Editor. This post is, ehm, 18 days late. *raises eyebrows* If you’ve seen the Steller story on My April you’ll already know that quite a lot was packed into last month. There was a trip to St Andrews on the hottest day of the year so far. There were train and bus and road trips down the coast for beach walks in East Lothian, including regular walks to Musselburgh, which is a fairly new haunt for us – chosen because it’s close to Edinburgh, and the beach is usually quiet in the evenings so it’s a lot less stressful than going to a city park. There was a new #DukeBox from Ruby & Duke filled with treats including Billy + Margot popcorn – yes, popcorn – which was a whole new experience for me.

And there was some more serious times in April. WagAware launched a fundraiser to raise money for Dachshund Rescue South Florida, who do the most incredible work rescuing dachshunds from shelters and giving them the treatment they need before finding new homes. For some of these dogs, DRSF is their only hope. 50% of the profits of every WagAware charm sold is donated to rescue dogs, and in April those profits were doing to DRSF. I now wear my “rescue bling” with pride. If you’re on Instagram, go check out the amazing work done by DRSF – and if you can, think about donating to help one (or more) of the dogs needing care.

Then, on April 22, dachshunds across Instagram wore green in remembrance of fellow lowriders who had recently passed OTRB. Wear Green Day was organised by Scrappy the Doxie and it was amazing, again, to see dachshunds come together to pay respects to Dexter, Ollie, Sukie, Penny, Peanut, Guinness, Simon and Ceedee. There’s an awful lot of love and respect and compassion shown by the dachshund community on Instagram.

So that was April. We’re now OVER half way through May and it’s…. cold. Hopefully by the end of this month I’ll have some warm sun-drenched days to share with you. Until then…


My March


Okay, my monthly galleries are creeping later and later into each month! (You can also see this one here on Steller.) But I have a good reason for posting this one very late. My Editor (that would be Mum) and I had chosen a cool new design for my blog. This was exciting. My Editor had given herself a week to redesign her own blog and mine, and then I’d start posting again. What could go wrong?

Alas, my Editor failed to realise one rather critical point. The cool new design we’d spent weeks contemplating doesn’t work here on Friends, this is one of those moments where you hold your head in your paws, and wonder why you can’t get the editorial staff these days who know what they’re talking about. “So, what happens now?” I asked Mum once I’d lifted my head, wearily. “We had everything planned

“We start again,” Mum said. “And it will still be exciting. And it will still look cool.”

In the meantime, while my Editor is busy researching New Blog Version 2, I thought I’d share my March. March was a good month. Still freezing, still winter, but with more walks and a little more sunshine. And I received my first ever DukeBox in March from Ruby & Duke – more on which later as I’m delighted to say that I am now a Brand Ambassador. Receiving this news was a major paws-in-the-air moment! Look out for a feature here soon…

TWATH will be changing a little with the new look. I’m wondering about letting my Editor write the occasional post. What do you think? (Yes, even after the blog redesign FAILURE I’m willing to give her a second chance. I am a magnanimous hound!) How would you feel about me sharing my blog with *gasp* a human…?



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Fridays. Need I say more. On a plus note, I overheard Mum telling someone earlier today that my blog redesign was going to be her “Easter project”. About time too, I say, about time too…