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My March


Okay, my monthly galleries are creeping later and later into each month! (You can also see this one here on Steller.) But I have a good reason for posting this one very late. My Editor (that would be Mum) and I had chosen a cool new design for my blog. This was exciting. My Editor had given herself a week to redesign her own blog and mine, and then I’d start posting again. What could go wrong?

Alas, my Editor failed to realise one rather critical point. The cool new design we’d spent weeks contemplating doesn’t work here on Friends, this is one of those moments where you hold your head in your paws, and wonder why you can’t get the editorial staff these days who know what they’re talking about. “So, what happens now?” I asked Mum once I’d lifted my head, wearily. “We had everything planned

“We start again,” Mum said. “And it will still be exciting. And it will still look cool.”

In the meantime, while my Editor is busy researching New Blog Version 2, I thought I’d share my March. March was a good month. Still freezing, still winter, but with more walks and a little more sunshine. And I received my first ever DukeBox in March from Ruby & Duke – more on which later as I’m delighted to say that I am now a Brand Ambassador. Receiving this news was a major paws-in-the-air moment! Look out for a feature here soon…

TWATH will be changing a little with the new look. I’m wondering about letting my Editor write the occasional post. What do you think? (Yes, even after the blog redesign FAILURE I’m willing to give her a second chance. I am a magnanimous hound!) How would you feel about me sharing my blog with *gasp* a human…?