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My April

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I definitely need a new Editor. This post is, ehm, 18 days late. *raises eyebrows* If you’ve seen the Steller story on My April you’ll already know that quite a lot was packed into last month. There was a trip to St Andrews on the hottest day of the year so far. There were train and bus and road trips down the coast for beach walks in East Lothian, including regular walks to Musselburgh, which is a fairly new haunt for us – chosen because it’s close to Edinburgh, and the beach is usually quiet in the evenings so it’s a lot less stressful than going to a city park. There was a new #DukeBox from Ruby & Duke filled with treats including Billy + Margot popcorn – yes, popcorn – which was a whole new experience for me.

And there was some more serious times in April. WagAware launched a fundraiser to raise money for Dachshund Rescue South Florida, who do the most incredible work rescuing dachshunds from shelters and giving them the treatment they need before finding new homes. For some of these dogs, DRSF is their only hope. 50% of the profits of every WagAware charm sold is donated to rescue dogs, and in April those profits were doing to DRSF. I now wear my “rescue bling” with pride. If you’re on Instagram, go check out the amazing work done by DRSF – and if you can, think about donating to help one (or more) of the dogs needing care.

Then, on April 22, dachshunds across Instagram wore green in remembrance of fellow lowriders who had recently passed OTRB. Wear Green Day was organised by Scrappy the Doxie and it was amazing, again, to see dachshunds come together to pay respects to Dexter, Ollie, Sukie, Penny, Peanut, Guinness, Simon and Ceedee. There’s an awful lot of love and respect and compassion shown by the dachshund community on Instagram.

So that was April. We’re now OVER half way through May and it’s…. cold. Hopefully by the end of this month I’ll have some warm sun-drenched days to share with you. Until then…


My February

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So, you might well be saying, March 11 is a fine time to post a round-up of events in February. I know, this is late – although, in case you missed it, I did post My February on Steller (okay, Mum did, but let’s not quibble over the details). The thing is, Mum and I were planning on redesigning the blog and thought we might hold back on posting anything else until we did, only – wait for it, friends! – Mum likes the new design I’ve chosen so much, she’s wondering about using it on one of her blogs instead. This is what happens – you come up with a great design concept and your human nicks it!

So, ehm, watch this space. Its design may or may not be changing very soon….

As for February, well, it was a good month. The days stretched a little, which meant slightly longer walks, although still with frozen paws. We made trips to Cambo Estate in Fife and to the historic village of Culross, which is also in Fife. I had a few great beach walks with my Uncle Bracken, who was also made into felt by the very talented felt artist Alison Rumbles.  And early in the month, I was interviewed by Bow Wow Times for their Instagram Dog of the Week feature, which was unexpected and great fun. Already in March, the days are getting longer. I can smell spring on the way.


My November


November was a funny old month. Dark afternoons by 4pm. No more evening walks in the park. Grey mornings and cold late night walks round the block. Winter, basically. And, I must admit, I’m not a huge fan of winter. But this has also meant that we’ve packed more into our weekends. Trips to the beach, which you start to take for granted in summer, feel like adventures. And it was my Uncle Bracken’s birthday on the 28th (the Big 5) so we had a weekend sleepover. On Saturday we went to Elie in Fife and had a too-brief and chilly beach walk before darkness fell, and then on Sunday we packed ourselves back into the car and drove down the coast to our favourite beach at Yellowcraig, and ran along the sand as the sun set.

And, I guess, the good thing about winter nights is the snuggling. As my Uncle always says: “Squirt, find the positive in every situation.” Cold paws: bad. Snuggling: very good indeed.




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Apparently, Mum says, sleepovers with Uncle Bracken are going to become a more regular occurrence round here. We’ve had two in October, which is, frankly, amazing. What’s this about, I hear you ask? Well, if you’re a Dog Parent you’ll understand this: winters can be tough. Cold days, long dark nights. Make that long dark nights as you’re standing outside, in pouring rain and a howling gale, waiting on your canine doing his or her business. If it’s tough for you, think how we feel. It’s difficult to balance on three legs with winds at 50mph. And while it’s hard to better wet paws paddling in the sea on a summer’s day, wet paws on soaking pavements in November is another thing entirely.

“There are two of us so your Dad and I can juggle a little when it comes to taking you out for ‘business’,” Mum says. “But there’s only one of Grannie, and it’s tough being the only person when you need to go outside in all weathers.”

I process this. “So my Uncle is coming to stay more?” I ask.

“Yes, probably every couple of weekends.”

“And we get to hang out, and go places, and sniff things together, and careen around wrestling and grouching at each other, and drive you two crazy with our near-constant demands?”

“Yes,” Mum sighed, clearly also processing this. “And it’s also about me getting closer to your Uncle Bracken again, like we used to be before you arrived, where he learns not to resent me all the time. That’s the idea.”

So here we are, last weekend. We headed to St Andrews on Saturday, and stopped off at a village called Falkland, which I’d never been to before. Uncle Bracken and I are pretty chilled about these trips – give us some good sniffs and a wide open beach/park/wood to run along/through at some point, and we’re happy. Falkland was not one of those places. Mum took photos of buildings. “Look at that stonework,” she said, snapping away merrily, apparently oblivious to the gale force gusts of wind. “Squirt, has she noticed it’s cold?” my Uncle asked.

But there was a plan, and that plan was to have a walk through the grounds at Falkland Palace.

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Dad was quite excited about this prospect as the grounds include the ruins of the 12th century Castle of Falkland (lots of photo opportunities there for Mum…) and an ancient Orchard with a wild flower meadow (okay, make that a wild flower meadow in summer). Mum, Uncle Bracken and I waited for Dad to emerge and usher us in through this gate, but, alas, it it turned out that canine visitors weren’t welcome. Even those sporting rather cool ear flips, as above.

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This is one of the challenges of life with a dog, the Parents say. All the things you once took for granted, like being able to visit places, go into cafés and eat indoors, in the warmth… these quickly become things you dream about doing. As we were to discover again later that day, when we reached St Andrews. To say it was windy would be an understatement. Uncle Bracken is a ‘sturdy’ dude. He strode along the beach, strong and steady, grounded to the sand. Do you ever have that feeling that you’re about to become airborne? Well, that was me… “Don’t turn side on to the wind, son,” Dad hollered.

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Beach walks, eh? Hard to beat. Especially when the sand is rushing across the beach at dachshund height, having been blown off the sand dunes. By this stage, we were all frozen. Frozen paws, and sand-filled frozen ears (and I mean this literally), so we walked into town, looking for a place to warm up. If you know of any café or restaurant in St Andrews that welcomes canines, please let me know for our next trip. We didn’t find it. Instead, we sheltered from the rain here, in a courtyard within the grounds of the university. I won’t lie, Dad looks cold…

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And then, armed with carry out hot chocolates (for the Parents clearly – what did we have? WATER!), we headed back to the car, and home. Let’s be clear, our weekend adventures aren’t always a barrel of barks, but they are adventures. And now I know that I’ll be getting to share more of them with my Uncle… well, it doesn’t get better than that.

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