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So, you might well be saying, March 11 is a fine time to post a round-up of events in February. I know, this is late – although, in case you missed it, I did post My February on Steller (okay, Mum did, but let’s not quibble over the details). The thing is, Mum and I were planning on redesigning the blog and thought we might hold back on posting anything else until we did, only – wait for it, friends! – Mum likes the new design I’ve chosen so much, she’s wondering about using it on one of her blogs instead. This is what happens – you come up with a great design concept and your human nicks it!

So, ehm, watch this space. Its design may or may not be changing very soon….

As for February, well, it was a good month. The days stretched a little, which meant slightly longer walks, although still with frozen paws. We made trips to Cambo Estate in Fife and to the historic village of Culross, which is also in Fife. I had a few great beach walks with my Uncle Bracken, who was also made into felt by the very talented felt artist Alison Rumbles.  And early in the month, I was interviewed by Bow Wow Times for their Instagram Dog of the Week feature, which was unexpected and great fun. Already in March, the days are getting longer. I can smell spring on the way.


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