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Did This Just Happen?

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bow wow times 2

Yes, friends, this happened. I was really surprised (okay, shocked) and honoured when Bow Wow Times got in touch to ask whether they could feature me as their Instagram Dog of the Week. Last week’s featured pup was none other than Riley from the very wonderful iChaity – Mum and I have been fans of Riley for a long time (Mum is smitten by him) (Ed: I am) – so I was like, really? Me? Are you sure? I’m just a gruff little pupster chap.

But it happened today and you can see the feature here. I’d like to thank Trixie for writing such a great post – I really enjoyed answering the questions. I am very touched to be included, and so happy that Bow Wow Times also illustrated the feature with some photos of me with my Uncle Bracken. That made my day.

So, a warm “whuuf” of thanks to Bow Wow Times for this fantastic feature. You can follow them on Instagram here for daily pupdates.


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