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My November


November was a funny old month. Dark afternoons by 4pm. No more evening walks in the park. Grey mornings and cold late night walks round the block. Winter, basically. And, I must admit, I’m not a huge fan of winter. But this has also meant that we’ve packed more into our weekends. Trips to the beach, which you start to take for granted in summer, feel like adventures. And it was my Uncle Bracken’s birthday on the 28th (the Big 5) so we had a weekend sleepover. On Saturday we went to Elie in Fife and had a too-brief and chilly beach walk before darkness fell, and then on Sunday we packed ourselves back into the car and drove down the coast to our favourite beach at Yellowcraig, and ran along the sand as the sun set.

And, I guess, the good thing about winter nights is the snuggling. As my Uncle always says: “Squirt, find the positive in every situation.” Cold paws: bad. Snuggling: very good indeed.


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  1. Harris,

    Your blog is the best! I enjoy it so much! And know I am determined to read it completely!!! Thanks for share our adventures with us!!!



    • Hello Maria,

      And greetings from Scotland! That’s so lovely to hear šŸ™‚ I enjoyed writing about my life here and it’s great to discover that people enjoying reading it. Thank you!

      Harris šŸ™‚



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