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My October

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I’ll admit, October has been a quiet month here on TWATH. It’s been a busy month over here on my Instagram, but my Editor has been annoyingly busy doing “work” rather than sitting down and editing for me. (Ed: those baked chicken treats rolled in herbs don’t come cheap you know…) But it’s also been a good month. If you spotted my previous post, you’ll know that Uncle Bracken has had a few sleepovers. We went south to Northumberland to explore on Holy Island and had the shortest beach walk at Bamburgh before the heavens opened (and, as you know, us dachshunds don’t do rain). We drove up to Perthshire, to this amazing garden at Drummond Castle, where I met my first peacock (when I say ‘met’, we basically eyed each other up and the peacock ruffled his tail feathers a bit). And we’ve had woodland walks and beach walks.

This week has been a shock to the system though. Suddenly, it’s dark in the afternoons, and too dark to go out exploring after Dad comes home from work. It’s winter. I sense that ‘My November’ is going to involve a few less far-flung adventures and a lot more snuggling on the sofa…




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