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So I thought it was about time that you met my Editor, or the ‘Ed’, as she keeps cropping up here, kinda annoyingly sometimes. As you’ll probably have realised by now, I write all my own posts, but ask any blogger and they’ll tell you the same thing: it’s hard to edit your own writing. You can look at something, and look again and again, but what you really need is a fresh pair of eyes. So, fortunately, when I was planning TWATH, I had an Editor close at hand – my Mum, otherwise known as Fiona – who also happened to be really cheap (Ed: you mean free, surely?) and with nothing better to do, or certainly nothing as important as this, my Venture.

We’re alike in many ways: prone to scruffiness, at our happiest on a beach, pretty much always hungry, enjoy nothing better than curling up on the sofa with an old box set of 24, and we’re almost ridiculously camera shy (Ed: make that ‘phobic’). This photo is from last summer – that’s how far back I had to trawl to find a photo where we are outdoors and looking something akin to relaxed (probably because Mum’s squeezing me). Plus, it’s one of Mum’s favourite photos of us (probably because she’s squeezing me). This was taken in the grounds of Newhailes. If you head off the beaten track you’ll find this little patch of woodland where there are no other canines. Or humans for that matter. Blissful.

I guess what I’m saying is, if you find a typo here, it isn’t my fault. That, after all, is what Editors are for.


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