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So it’s September, and you can feel the seasons change already. I can smell it. And on Saturday night, walking back from the beach, Mum said, “That’s our last beach walk of the summer.” I was with Uncle Bracken, and we just looked at each other. “Squirt,” he said, “this isn’t good news.” Don’t get me wrong, I love running through the autumn leaves, but nothing beats warm sand beneath your paws, and paddling in the sea to cool off after a long run. And going for evening walks at Cammo or Inverleith Park, in daylight. Cold paws on frozen pavements? I could live without this, really. So I guess I’m sad to see summer go. Time to order my winter togs.



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  1. Hi Harris, love your photos! Anywhere you recommend for good “winter togs” for Archie. He knows nothing yet of bleak winter weather in his short life (and is currently curled up on my lap snoring!) 🙂 Heather x

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    • I can absolutely help with this! There are lots of stylish winter coats out there, but few are either fitted to a dachshund’s elongated shape or are suited to our lowrider style. When we go out in winter, in the damp, or the rain, or the snow (brrrr) or just on wet grass or mucky pavements, we kick up *everything* onto our bellies and sides – muck, grit, wet, everything. There are some lovely knitted coats or tweedy wool coats, but they’d be mucky after one damp trip out. It’s simply not the same for our longer-legged friends.

      And, coats that suit our length tend to be too deep in the sides, or don’t fit our chests properly, so they aren’t comfortable…

      So, after a bit of searching, I found a company called Equafleece, who have been kitting me out since pupdom: You can buy coats to fit specific breeds, and Equafleece make to measure – I’m longer than the 18 inch dachshund size so I get my coats made 2 inches longer, which costs £5 more. I started with a 16 inch daxie coat as a pup, then 18 inch, and now, ehm, bespoke. They’re really well made, and look great with our fur colour in some of the darker hues – I order loden green and black, but may splash out with dark brown too this season.

      They wash brilliantly – when I come back a bit mucky, Mum just sponges/washes down the sides and washes the belt that goes underneath me. They dry quickly. And they’re really comfortable. I always get the dog coat but my Uncle B gets the polo neck coat. And rain just runs off them – damp on top but feels dry inside.

      Now, here’s the thing, the website *could be* more stylish. Don’t be put off – these coats look dapper in reality. I always get comments and other daxie parents ask about them every winter.

      This winter, I might also get a fleece jumper to wear under my coat for when it snows. It’s just a thought as our wee bellies take a hammering in inclement weather!

      I *am* going to have a look for a tweedy coat this winter for dry days, but made-to-measure daxie coats tend to be quite expensive… and these fleece ones start at £25….

      Let me know how you get on! And Mum’s asking if you could give Archie a wee squeeze from her 🙂 H X



      • Ah that’s brilliant, Harris! Thank you so much for your help. You’re a great source of advice for me and Archie. 🙂 Tell your mum a squeeze has been given. I’m off to look at that website now! x

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