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So this happened today, and I can’t quite believe it. Mum is similarly gob-smacked. (Ed: I am similarly gob-smacked.) I checked my Tweets this morning to discover that I had been ‘blogged’ by the super-stylish Home Arty Home. (I should point out that Mum’s two blogs Copperline and The Property Files were also mentioned, but let’s not focus on that.) Home Arty Home features lots of creative types and sources all the kinds of interiors products and artworks that you wish you had in your home (well, Mum does anyway), so I was mightily surprised to click on the site this morning only to find my own bearded mug gazing back at me from the screen. Dear goodness…


So, a Big Thanks to Home Arty Home. Go check it out. Warning though: Mum has become quite addicted. Before you know it you too will be following Home Arty Home on Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest and ooh-ing and ah-ing over everything from artworks to cushions and paint colours. Spare a thought for my long-suffering Dad, who is resisting Mum’s attempts to have our home redecorated in various shades of grey from Ecos Paints after reading this post. (Ed: make that resisting so far…) I now need to go and rest my paws to recover while meditating on the wonders of blogging.




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