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So my Mum is a massive fan of Maddie on Things. In case you haven’t come across Maddie, she’s a handsome looking Coonhound with quite incredible core stability. I reckon that Maddie has done her fair share of Pilates. Her human, Humphrey Theron – make that a very talented photographer human  – takes photos of Maddie balancing on things, all kinds of crazy things, from people to bits of furniture and random objects they find on their travels. The girl can balance. Sometimes she dresses up. Sometimes she’s just hanging out. She’s now famous and, better still, she’s using that fame to raise awareness of the importance of rescuing our fellow canines. Whatever Maddie is doing, Mum is following the adventure on Tumblr, and I’m now following her on Instagram.

So yesterday evening the Parents and I head out to Cammo Estate on the outskirts of Edinburgh, which, aside from the beach, is our new favourite place to go for a walk of a sunny summery night. And when we reach the wildflower meadow, Mum says: “Okay, I need you to do a Maddie.” A few of these wooden perches are dotted around the estate, placed to take in a particular view, and apparently Mum has had her eye on this perch as a photo op every time we’ve passed. “The flowers make a great backdrop,” she says by way of explanation.

Here’s the thing, ‘doing a Maddie’ is not as easy as it looks, and it’s definitely not easy when you’re a low-rider with a very long back. I am considerably longer than the perch, so was required to scrunch myself onto it. Do you think I like scrunching? No, my friends, I don’t. And, in terms of the ratio of body height to height from ground, well, I’m a little disadvantaged here.

However, it has to be said, the view out over the meadow was spectacular with the sunlight glinting through the grasses. And as I clambered down from the perch (okay, I was lifted) I had a whole new appreciation of Maddie’s skills. Which reminds me – as I sense this is going to be Mum’s new ‘thing’ – I must go and Google a Pilates DVD on Amazon…

maddie edit 2



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