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Sunday Walks

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Cammo edit 1

Saturday walks are by far my favourite time of the week. Saturdays are when we tend to escape to the beach, and it’s also when I tend to catch up with my Uncle Bracken. And this Saturday, well, half of that came true. We went to St Andrews and had a long beach walk, minus any sunshine it has to be said, and minus Uncle Bracken because of the geography involved – basically, Uncle B lives in the opposite direction to St Andrews. Someone, somewhere, didn’t plan this well. (I’m looking at you, Parents.)

So this week, for a change, Sunday provided the highlight of the weekend. Still no Uncle B, but we had sunshine, which was an improvement on Saturday (although it was so hot, it wasn’t the best day to be wearing a fur coat, as you can possibly tell from the photo above). We headed to Cammo Estate, which is on the outskirts of Edinburgh. This is a fairly new discovery for us and, frankly, I’ve no idea why the Parents took so long to find this place. There’s woodland, fields, meadows, more sniffs than this hound knows what to do with, and any number of spots where Mum insists on stopping for photos.  Some old ruin? Yep, we’ll be there…

Cammo edit 2

Oh, is that a tower I spot in the distance…? We’ll be posing there too, obviously. As backdrops go, I’ve had to make do with worse…

cammo edit 3

And I can’t blame the Parents for this. Or rather Mum. She’s obsessed with Instagram, and now I’m obsessed with Instagram too. It’s one of those things you start doing and think, it’s okay, I can handle this, this isn’t going to own me… and next thing you’re checking the feed every three minutes. Or I would be if Mum didn’t keep nicking her my phone.

And when Mum’s taking photos, she’s completely oblivious to everything else around her. Have you ever noticed that humans have an abysmal sense of smell? Food yes, if they’re standing right in front of it, but the subtle scent of someone on approach? Not a chance. It’s just as well that one of us is always keeping a beady eye peeled for strangers in the distance. There are times, many times, when I honestly don’t know how the Parents would survive without me.

cammo 5 edit





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