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Bring Your Parent To Work

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Today is Bring Your Dog To Work Day here in the UK, or, as I prefer to think on it, Bring Your Parent to Work. If you haven’t heard about this, it’s an initiative with a brilliant cause: raising money for three charities that make a huge difference to the welfare of animals, namely All Dogs Matter, Animals Asia and Pup Aid. These charities are working hard 365 days of the year, but raising awareness and getting people to spread the word and think about the welfare of my fellow canines and creatures is a fantastic thing.

So I thought I’d share a quick snap of Mum’s my home office – and it really was a quick snap, as Mum wanted to tidy away the stack of papers and put some flowers on the desk, but I said, “No, Mum, no. This is how we I work, this is meant to look like our my hardworking office. We’re keepin’ it real.” Which is why I have a Dentastix at the ready. Blogging requires mental energy. And why Mum has a mug of tea. (There’s usually a chocolate stash there as well, if I’m being honest.) This is TWATH HQ, and it’s where my Editor and I spend our days. Long, long days.

So yes, every day for me is Bring Your Parent To Work Day. Mum gets a little stressed and grumpy sometimes, but then don’t we all. And I can’t imagine working any other way.





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