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Mum loves yoga, so naturally enough, I love yoga. Now you might be thinking that I’d be more of a rugged outdoorsy pup, and I am – up to a point, and that point is when the heavens open and it starts raining. Which is does on a fairly frequent basis in Scotland. Or when it’s windy. Or when there’s wind and rain. Or when it’s cold, and there’s wind and rain. Then I’m definitely an indoorsy type, which brings me back to yoga.

Let’s be clear – I’m not a particularly active practitioner. During standing asana practice, I observe. I lie on the sofa, or more often along Mum’s mat. Lengthways, naturally. It means she has to always step over me, and I like to think that this helps her focus, you know? Yes, those sun salutations can get dicey, but I trust her.

But once she moves to seated poses, well, that’s where I come in. Really, you try doing a seated twist, or anything reclining, or better still, pranayama (breathing, basically, which I don’t really get – breathing, really?) with me jumping all over you, licking you furiously. Which brings me to my favourite part of yoga: savasana. ‘Sava’ means ‘corpse’ in Sanskrit, so Mum tells me, and that sums it up really: you lie there, still, quiet, the mind and body become one. Basically, you’re chillin’. Big time.

Which is what I’m doing in this photo above, enjoying some inner silence, letting go, and contemplating what I’m going to have for dinner. Chicken, I’m thinking, or salmon? Better still, both… Yes, there are those times in life when we all need some yoga.



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