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Beachwalking at Tyninghame

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Okay, tell me, do I look happy in this photo? I do, right. Because this is where I want to be. Right here, on the beach. I was made for the beach. I really, really wasn’t made for the city. You might think that us lowriders would be the perfect urban pups, but I’d challenge any canine to be excited by miles of pavement. Sand, meanwhile…. ah, now you’re talking.

Thankfully, the Parents understand this – though not enough to actually move somewhere so that we could have the beach on our doorstep. Mum needs to be no more than ten minutes from her yoga studio apparently, and when I ask why, Dad just shakes his head and says, “Trust me son, we couldn’t live with her otherwise…” So we head to the beach at weekends, and the more empty and far-flung the better.

Better still, we usually take Uncle Bracken. Sniffs are better when they’re shared after all.

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Last weekend, we headed to Tyninghame in East Lothian. We’ve had good times on this beach, sun-kissed walks with warm sand underpaws. Saturday wasn’t one of those days though. The Parents were dressed for sunshine – which is fairly uncharacteristic for Mum who always seems to be dressed for an impending storm, complete with wellies. We didn’t get sunshine. The Parents were barefoot in the cold, with Mum yelping as she paddled alongside us. Now, at last, she understands how we feel. Our paws may be tough but they’re hardly chill-resistant.

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The only problem with beachwalking is the lack of vertical objects…. So you adapt. After all, us lowriders don’t require much in the way of verticality. And when you do find a muckle lump of rock, well, that’s beach heaven right there.

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