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Small Pup, Big World

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To be clear, I don’t like being called small. Let’s cut the ‘small’ business, okay. But – and it pains me to acknowledge this – I am smaller than a lot of things. (But then, if you think about it, so are you. There’s always something, or someone, bigger.) Sometimes this can be a little scary, like when I go to Inverleith Park and spot a Newfoundland ambling towards me. (Although, it should be noted, this particular Newfoundland is the most harmless canine you could ever meet.)

But, I will admit, I’m an anxious fella when it comes to other dogs. They bounce, they tower over me. Their owners say, “Oh, don’t worry, he/she’s friendly…” which reassures the Parents a lot more than it does me. Your dog might be friendly, but when I’m standing just inches off the ground, expect me to be a little freaked out.

These photos are from my introduction to Inverleith Park in Edinburgh back in November 2011. Look how big it is. And look how chuffed my Dad is to have me. (Ed: he was very chuffed.)


My coat, by the way, is by Equafleece, and was inherited from Uncle Bracken as it was his ‘first coat’ too. I still wear Equafleece, although now my coats get custom made as I’ve grown longer… and longer. Still small, you see, but not that small.


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