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It was only a matter of time

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According to my Mum, this day was always going to happen. She was going to walk away from my her laptop, probably to raid the fridge for chocolate (sorry to mention this straight up but it does happen a lot) and I was going to leap into WordPress and start a blog. I spend so long sitting on my Mum’s desk (don’t ask why I do this, it’s complicated) watching her wittering away online, I thought it was about time that I shared the experience. Plus, I’ve just been on holiday (more on which later) with my Uncle Bracken and we had a chat about it. (He’s the handsome fella on the left in this photo, by the way. Just look at that beard…) He said, “Son, life is too short for regrets. If you’re feeling a blog coming on, well, go grab it.”

So here I am, blogging. Mum had better watch out. I’m better than she is at this stuff…



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